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           About Us
Russian Music Center offers a professional and at the same time fun atmosphere with a variety of courses, taught by a knowledgeable and dedicated faculties. Our goal is to promote quality teaching and learning in a highly professional environment.

We provide Piano, Violin, Cello, Guitar, Flute, Vocal and Music Theory lessons.

All private lessons are held on one-on-one student-teacher sessions.The curriculum is compromised of four primary areas of study: pitch, rhythm, note reading, theory and composition.

Here at Russian Music Center we conduct Group lessons for Music Theory and Children's Choir. We also offer singing classes for adults in genres that include jazz and classical.

For younger children (ages 2-4) group lessons are available where they will be introduced to the basics of music such as listening, singing, musical instruments and rhythm in a fun and engaging way.

We prepare our students for the State Examinations (Certificate of Merit) through MTAC (Music Teachers Association of California) which they successfully pass every year.

Students that qualify and are interested in participating attend different music competitions.

Russian Music Center holds two recitals every year - Christmas recital held in December and The Annual Recital held in the June.

We are glad to see students of any ages. Each and everyone of our students is individually evaluated and presented with the right teaching program that will benefit his/her music skills the best.

We strongly believe that playing any kind of musical instrument makes life more colorful and interesting, helps with stress, improves learning abilities.

It's scientifically proven that studying music boosts the brain and creativity improves memory, helps children socially, teaches patience and discipline and is a great form of expression.

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