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My son has been Mrs. Manukyan's student since he's was 6.5 years old. He has been attending weekly piano lessons, and it is remarkable to see his progress these years. I would like my son has a lifelong love music instead of passing test only. As he always says, " I am a sport boy not that kind of quiet one!" When he is playing beautiful music, we feel amazing! " How can a sport boy play such fabulous music?"

Mr.s Manukyan is an awesome instructor and very good at encouraging. Russian Music center is a warm and nurturing environment for budding musicians.


We are so glad we have a great violin teacher like Mr. Ruben.

Edward's mom

My daughter has been taking piano classes here for 4 months and she loves coming to her classes. Her teacher, Ms Shoshana is great with kids and so patient with them. All the teachers here are really nice and professional. I like it that kids learn classical pieces, and to keep their interest, they learn fun songs as well. I'm looking forward to see my daughter play at the holiday music recital.

From Florence ,mom Isabelle Mullican

My son started to learn violin with Mr. Ruben from 6 years old. Mr. Ruben can play very beautiful songs. He is a very nice and patient teacher. He is very serious in teaching and he makes studying violin easily. My son likes him. Sometimes he prepares a small gift to his beloved teacher, such like paper plane. I am also happy to see my sonís improvement in the violin performance.

Jianyan, Harvey's Shi mom

My son, Oliver has been learning piano for almost two years. Mrs. Stella helps Oliver develop his character and performance skills. Thank you so much Ms. Stella for your hard work!

Linda Chen, Oliver's Mom

Mrs.Stella has been the most patient and dedicated teacher my daughter, Amy has ever had.We had a hard time finding the right school for her and are very pleased with Mrs. Stella's teaching style.She really cares for the kids and is passionate about her job!I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn piano.

V. Nguyen

Ms. Lily's enthusiasm for music is contagious. Both my niece and son could not have a better teacher for piano and vocal lessons. Her encouragement and patience keep them smiling and looking forward to the next lesson.

Samantha, Ethan's mom

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